Bo and Mojo

The little truck that SWOPS its TOP!

Mojo is a vehicle with a difference – it can be anything and everything at the swop of a top!  With a fresh and imaginative approach to problem solving, Mojo swops predictable outcomes for exciting adventures – learning and laughing along the way. Together with best friend Bo, Mojo brings curiosity and a mischievous sense of fun to every challenge.

Friendship is everything...

Mojo's best friend Bo is a mechanic overflowing with wild ideas and the tools to make them happen. He's fast with a spanner and he's got a thousand creative solutions to every problem; it's just a matter of trying them all until one works best. And it's usually one from way, way outside the box.

Swopshop here! Helping you is what we do!

Mojo and Bo love to help their local community of Swoppiton and when the call comes in, it’s time to SWOP that TOP!  With a wide choice of tops at their disposal at their Swopshop HQ, Mojo can become whatever vehicle is best suited to the task.  Be it fire truck, helicopter, bulldozer, our heroes are sure to get the job done, though seldom in the way they first imagine!

MOJO SWOPTOPS is a new CGI comedy action series of 52 x 11’ episodes for pre-schoolers. Produced for CBeebies by BAFTA and EMMY award winning studio Blue Zoo Productions, the show is based on the Ladybird books by Cindy Black and Rich Ward.
Mojo Swoptops will debut on CBeebies later in 2024. Check back for exact timings.
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Meet Mojo!

Mojo is all about FAST ACTION and will speed into any situation with absolute enthusiasm and a cheery "Mojo is Go-Go!"  If something doesn’t go as planned, Mojo will always try, try again… until a rapid change of tops is required and it’s time for a HOTSWOP!

Meet Bo!

Bo is all about FAST THINKING.  He's the throw-everything-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks guy. If something doesn't work, he'll immediately have two, no three! new ideas for how to do it differently.  Some of them might even make sense!

Meet the team!

While Mojo and Bo make a great team, their doubled-up enthusiasm can also get them into trouble neither would ever have found on their own!  Somehow they always come up with a wild, out-of-the-box way to make things right in the end.

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